IRIS Software Group Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


IRIS is the largest privately-owned software supplier in the UK and one of the most trusted business-critical software and services providers in the UK today. Its solutions serve over 21,000 Accountancy Practices and more than 80,000 small and mid-size businesses.

IRIS also organise the UK’s largest conference for accountants in practice, IRIS world, held in two locations Twickenham and Birmingham. The conference combines keynote speakers from within the industry including Companies House and HMRC, with workshops held by industry experts


On the day communications during the event were difficult as many delegates don’t engage in social media and don’t always pick-up or check emails on their mobiles. The team at IRIS were looking to share a number of communications, 24-hour reminders to the event, traffic updates, reminders to download an app to participate in customer votes and finally a post-event survey


IRIS was able to send bulk SMS updates using the Textlocal online platform via email and the API integration. The team also used a branded Keyword on a Short Code to create two-way conversations, enabling them to respond to customers with concerns in real-time. IRIS also took advantage of Textlocal’s Zapier integration to trigger personalised SMS sends once a customer checked into the event.


For IRIS real-time communications were key to the success of their event and SMS enabled them to engage with delegates throughout the conference instantly. Their bulk send messages had a delivery rate of 100%, meaning the impact on customer experience and communications was huge.

Our team found using Textlocal’s two-way SMS and email to SMS services perfect for engaging with customers in real-time. Integrating Textlocal into our marketing automation platform via Zapier also helped our team, sending automatic messages once customers had checked into the event. Charlie Oakham- Digital Marketing Director

—IRIS Software Group

  • IRIS Software Group using SMS to automate event updates and information