Ipsos MORI Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


Textlocal customer Ipsos MORI is spearheading a major Covid-19 research project with Imperial College London. The research aims to track the progress of infection across England and help to improve the understanding of Coronavirus prevalence.

In conjunction with Ipsos MORI’s email and postal outreach, Textlocal has been supporting their efforts by sharing crucial test results via SMS with those taking part in the study.

How has SMS supported the project?

Ipsos MORI is conducting this research on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care to measure the prevalence of COVID-19 in the population.

To keep participants updated on their progress and results, Ipsos MORI needed an additional yet equally simple communication solution that was user friendly and accessible for all participants.

As an existing Textlocal customer, Ipsos MORI engaged with the Textlocal Managed Services team to deliver the SMS they would need to the send daily results of each test. To date, over one million volunteers have completed a COVID-19 home test, and SMS has been used at each stage of the journey.

Journey overview of testing:

  1. Those who volunteer to be part of the testing are sent a swab kit in the post along with instructions.
  2. Participants then use the kit to take a throat and nose sample.
  3.  Collection of the kit is arranged through a dedicated courier booking portal.
  4. A link to the online survey is sent via SMS and other methods to gather information on people’s health and other information about them.
  5. Test results are sent through SMS and other methods within 7 days of taking the test.

The speed and additional reporting abilities of SMS ensured Ipsos MORI was communicating the outcome as soon as possible to participants. The reliability of the channel also meant the team could be sure participants had been informed.

Those who did receive a positive result were able to isolate and seek advice immediately. Textlocal has also delivered test results across the other two aspects of the research, updating those who have been selected to take part in an antibody test or a saliva COVID-19 test.

Sharing reminders and alerts

Since the initial alert in May, together with the Textlocal team, Ipsos MORI has evolved their texts to include:

  • More information about the study
  • Reminders to send the test back
  • Requests for participants to complete an online survey

The Facts

Since Ipsos MORI began their research, more than 5 million text messages have been sent out about the study including over 1 million results sent to participants.