Instructor Engine Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

New start-up Instructor Engine is a search engine for driving instructors, matching learner drivers with an instructor in their area. Managing Director Vikesh competed in the national Edge Challenge business competition taking 1st prize and a check for £3,000 which was presented to him by the former Dragons Den star, Theo Paphitis.


To communicate with customers in an effective and efficient way, and encourage driving instructors to join the Instructor Engine website.


First Contact

Texts were sent to a large number of potential clients to inform them about the Instructor Engine site. Merge fields were included so that each text addressed the recipient by name, making the messages more personal, direct and attention grabbing.

Short links

Vikesh used the short links feature to include trackable links to promotional videos. This not only allowed him to include more persuasive information than a typical text message, but meant that it was easy to see how many and exactly which of the recipients showed an interest in the content and clicked the link.


It’s early days for Instructor Engine, but they’ve seen a number of sales come from their messaging, and a definite return on investment.

I would recommend them to anyone who wants to receive a great service and cost effective marketing.

—Instructor Engine

  • Instructor Engine – recommend them to anyone