Improving service delivery with mobile messaging

Improving services with mobile surveys 

Customer expectations are higher than ever and ensuring your business is meeting the ever-rising bar is crucial. When it comes to customer services, consumers are simply unwilling to accept un-necessary delays, expecting a fast and convenient resolution. Research shows that 69% of customers said they were on hold for too long when seeking help from a company. (Salesforce)

Customer feedback offers real insight into the success and value of the services any business offers. Our client, CCHA, was looking to engage with residents who had recently used their services through a convenient and easy to complete feedback survey.

The priority was to explore how a logic-based survey could be delivered and managed across mobile devices without excluding those with usability issues, whether that be type of device or access to an app

Our solution

Building a logic-based survey delivered through SMS to gather resident feedback in real-time

Using our cloud communications and automation platform, IMIconnect, the managed services team were able to build a logic-based survey workflow for CCHA.

The IMIconnect platform enables users to build and deploy communications across multiple mobile channels, in this case, CCHA opted for SMS to remove accessibility issues. The SMS questions were built into a workflow within the platform by the Textlocal team to automate the correct response. Responses needed to be triggered based on the previous answer to ensure all questions were relevant to the user journey.

Business impact

Each of the three surveys received a much higher than average response rate.

Total response rates:

Survey 1 – 16.83%

Survey 2 – 19.09%

Survey 3 – 26.69%

Given the success of the survey, CCHA is planning to launch further feedback campaigns across SMS to gain a better understanding of their residents.

CCHA deliver resident feedback with mobile messaging

Improving service delivery with CCHA 

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