Hackney Bread Kitchen reduce errors and admin time with Survey Tool


Hackney Bread Kitchen is a micro-bakery in East London, delivering a range of sourdough bread to subscribers living in the local area.


When the business started five years ago, email was used as the primary channel for receiving weekly orders from each customer. The process was cumbersome, time-consuming and prone to errors. As a small local business, every order needed to be accessed and received as easy as possible, so a more effective solution was needed.


Using Textlocal Surveys and Forms, Hackney Bread Kitchen created a branded, mobile-optimised order page. The form uses checkboxes to collect order details in the same way you would collect customer feedback. The page is sent as a link via an SMS each week.

Customers then simply tick their order choices and results are accessed on a CSV file that is easily converted into a delivery sheet making orders more accurate and clearer.

Reminders are also included, giving customers easy access to order windows, delivery notifications and an option for customers to advise if they need a break in their subscribed orders.


  • The new process saves the business at least two hours a week in administration time
  • Customer ordering errors have been reduced by at least 10%
  • The survey page is attractive and clear, customers have fed back on how much they appreciate the easy accessibility via a text link on their phone.