First Class Learning Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

First Class Learning Leeds Roundhay are a private after school maths & English tuition for children aged 4 – 16. Classes are held at a study centre once each week.


Tutoring children of such as young age, it is vital for First Class Learning Leeds Roundhay to keep in touch with existing parents and enquirers at all times for parent’s peace of mind, child progression and for safety reasons.


The after school tuition club now use text messages to instantly contact parent and enquirers when necessary. Text messages are sent regarding opening hours, holidays and discounted offers to new enquirers.


  • Since using SMS reminders, First Class Learning Leeds Roundhay have received positive feedback from parents as they are kept full informed. This has also allowed classes to run more smoothly with less disturbances.
  • Text messages to enquirers to remind them to enrol has resulted in a large increase in enrolments. Several enrolments from enquirers.

A quick, effective and reliable way to keep in touch with clients old and new.

—First Class Learning

  • First Class Learning – quick, effective and reliable