Ferienort Obermehlen Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

Ferienort Obermehlen are a holiday letting company in the German Eifel area, with one bungalow and several apartments.


With the expansion of the business, and yearly increase in guests, it was too much of a burden for the owners to receive and greet all guests personally. Initially emails were sent to the guests with the front door code-lock number, however these were often not received as guest emails were left at home.


Since everyone carries their phone, SMS was the obvious solution. And as their existing holiday letting system integrated with Messenger through the API gateway, Ferienort Obermehlen are now able to easily send out automated text stating their door unlock code. Additionally texts are sent to their housekeeper regarding any last minute arrival information, also completely populated by the API integration.


Around 60% of their guests give their mobile phone number. So they automatically get a text message and are able to easily access their rooms. All last minute bookings, and any messages for the cleaning lady, are also quickly sent a text message, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction. Any issues are avoided or overcome extremely quickly, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Textlocal enhanced the service we can give our guests, eliminating annoying arrivals for guests. Nothing more annoying than standing in front of a closed door when you just arrived after a several hours drive, especially with young children. It also eases my job of maintaining and controlling bookings, which is always good.

—Ferienort Obermehlen

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