Face For Business Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


Telephone messages passed via email could often be missed or arrive in junk folders. Face for Business needed a solution that would provide instant communications from a reliable platform. Market research revealed that customers would prefer to receive the information via text message, so the Textlocal platform was integrated.


Automatic SMS

Using the Textlocal API Gateway, staff can enter messages into the Face for Business CRM system which will send the information via a text message to the client instantly.

Direct communications

Text messages are picked up immediately and generally read within seconds of receiving them, meaning that Face for Business customers can run their operations smoothly.


Increased customer satisfaction

Customers have valued the immediate messages they receive straight to their mobile phones.

Time saving

Turnaround time from taking the message to getting it to the customers is rapid thanks to SMS and the API integration.

The service is very reliable, the API was so simple to integrate with and our customers are thrilled with the service we provide.

—Andy English, Face for Business

  • Face for Business – The service is very reliable