East Africa Air Cargo Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

East Africa Air Cargo provide and organise shipping of a variety of goods through a number of transportation methods, specialising in East Africa and the Middle East.


EAA Cargo wanted to keep customers informed and alert them to important developments.


SMS updates & alerts

EAA Cargo now send important information such as new shipping rates and changes to air fuel surcharges straight to their customers’ mobiles. When there’s a new store opening, or there’s space available on a freight container leaving soon, texts can be sent quickly to those customers that need to receive the message. Customers love the convenience of receiving information straight to their phones, and regular communication helps to keep them engaged and thinking of the EAA service.


Customers have responded positively to the SMS updates, with a 15% increase in returning customers so far.

Nice and easy to set up. I love the way I can import a thousand numbers from Excel or CSV and upload them. Prices are very reasonable. Keep up the good work!!!”

I will not go anywhere else as we have so many options we can use and subscribe to in the future

—East Africa Air Cargo

  • East Africa Air Cargo – Keep up the good work