Dominos Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


A Domino’s franchise used Mobile Marketing to target existing customers with special offers and promotional text messages with the aim to increase sales.


When a new mobile phone number is acquired through a telephone sale it is automatically added to the Textlocal contact list

Time Sensitive Marketing

Promotional text messages were sent containing closing dates at specific times

Rapid Communications

Domino’s large target audience could be reached within seconds by scheduling messages in advance


  • 10-12% redemptions on texts sent, equating to around £10,000 worth of sales for just a £350 spend
  • The service was quick and easy for Domino’s to use
  • Excellent Customer Service provided by Textlocal

We received 10-12% redemptions on texts sent which equates to around £10,000 of sales for just £350 spent with Textlocal.

—Domino's Franchisee

  • Domino’s – £10,000 of sales for just £350