DFS doubles survey completion rates by switching to SMS


DFS is one of the UK’s leading sofa and furniture experts specialising in high-quality and stylish sofas. With decades of experience and continued investment in British craftsmanship, DFS offers a wide range of quality sofa sets in the UK and Europe.


Following a delivery, emails were sent to customers requesting that they complete an online survey so DFS could measure customer satisfaction scores. Email open and completion rates were low, which meant that follow-up emails needed to be sent, not only doubling the workload but also the costs. There was also a high number of undelivered emails due to incorrect contact details.

The solution

DFS determined email wasn’t the correct channel to meet their objectives. As mobile numbers are a requirement on all orders to share delivery updates, SMS was a better fit as the customer details are more accurate.

Using more reliable mobile numbers reduced the number of undeliverable messages as well as ensuring real-time delivery of key messages, including feedback requests.

The results

By switching from email to SMS, DFS generated:

  • 45% increase in delivered messages
  • 4.9% increase in open rates
  • 106% increase in survey completion rates

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DFS Case Study