Deans Court Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

Deans Court are a rapidly growing events company with a bank of around 50+ casual staff. They organise a range of events, including weddings.


Due to the nature of the business, staff at Deans Court are faced with complicated shift patterns which typical staff scheduling software is not suitable for.


SMS scheduling

They began using the system for communicating event information to attendees, including timed delivery for ‘right time right place’ messages with information on parking, wet weather plans (if appropriate) and even messages during the event to keep everyone in the loop.

Email to SMS

Using Microsoft Excel, the team built a suitable scheduling solution. By including contact details in their system, they were able to create a mail-merge and send out highly personalised texts to staff with the details of when they were working.


The Deans Court team collect feedback after each event, and snippets of this are sent out to the staff who were working that day via SMS. This serves as a quick thank you, providing morale boost.


  • Shift attendance rose to a punctuality rate of around 98%
  • 94% of their staff shifts are issued via SMS
  • Opportunity for ‘human error’ in scheduling has dropped to ‘negligible’
  • And 100% of the staff claim to love this method of receiving their info

Textlocal surpasses the vast majority of tech companies with their customer service. Calls are answered first time, every time, and any issues we have are resolved in hours, if not minutes. I cannot recommend highly enough.

—Deans Court

  • Deans Court – I cannot recommend highly enough