Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software is a revolutionary website offering comparison services for online estate agents. The website takes advantage of the trend for searching for property online whilst offering savings of around £3k on traditional estate agent fees.

SMS marketing for estate agents

SMS marketing for estate agents is a great way to leverage more sales by sending out potential properties of interest to your customers. You can send them a message which includes a short code which they can text to get more details of an upcoming property.

It is also ideal for pushing out viewing reminders, updates with any processes and also competitions, promotions or offers that could be of interest to them.


First time customers were leaving the site to check their emails for their verification codes, and not immediately returning to complete the sign-up process. This led to a dropout rate of around 50%.


By sending codes through SMS instead of email, the sign up process has sped up considerably and removed the need for customers to navigate away from the site. It is expected that the dropout rate will drop significantly.


The team at have been impressed with the platform and the service they’ve received with Textlocal, and as the website grows and develops they hope to find more ways to work with the platform.

We get used to bad service in the UK, and we shouldn’t – we don’t make enough of good service. When someone does exactly what they said they would, you’re surprised. I haven’t found a flaw in your system.


The technical support team are great at establishing your level of understanding, and then explaining things to you in a way that makes sense.