Booker Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

It is essential for larger businesses to be able to reach all of their contacts as quickly and as effectively as possible. SMS marketing’s response rate is five times higher than that of email marketing, making it the perfect plan for larger businesses.

Send out your time sensitive offers, promotions and competitions to your customers, and monitor how many people have opened them. You can also give out personalised messages and discount codes to build the loyalty of customers.


Booker is a wholesaler and on-line retailer supplying caterers, retailers and other businesses from over 170 stores nationwide.

Booker needed to relay time sensitive offers, prices, promotions and competitions to mass business contacts quickly and accurately.


Booker used a keyword on Textlocal’s 60777 short code allowing people to opt-in by text

Cost effective marketing

Mobile phone numbers were gathered cost-effectively and rapidly

Building relationships

Once opted-in, customers receive special offers and promotions directly to the palms of their hands


  • SMS activity has seen over 32,000 customers sign up to the Booker database
  • Increase in sales of branded goods

After I sent the SMS out about a promotional offer, a customer who normally orders 3 boxes ordered 2 pallets!

—Richard Rees, Head of Marketing Services, Booker

  • Booker – Unbelievable results from SMS