Bogues Jewellers Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

Bogues Jewellers is a family business which has been operating in Northern Ireland since 1870. Offering a selection of well known brands and specialising in ‘Diamond Set’ jewellery, Bogues also offer a range of additional services such as jewellery repair and valuations.


Bogues wanted a service to keep customers informed, market their business and increase sales.


Promotional messages

Textlocal’s contact groups allow for easy segmentation of your customers, meaning that your messages can be highly targeted. Bogues uploaded their customer data to Messenger in groups, relating to their previous purchases and buying habits. They then informed customers about items of interest to them, for example, the arrival of new stock.

Repair notifications

Bogues used to send their customers postcards to inform them when repaired items were ready for collection. They now send a text message for a quicker, more personal and more cost effective service.


Replacing postcards with a text message has given Bogues a 500% increase in customer response, at less than one tenth of the cost.

I moved from another similar service and am delighted with the results. I rate it 5/5! Our customers love to get the messages. Texting is very personal, and a very cost effective way of communicating with existing customers.

—Bogues Jewellers

  • Bogues Jewellers – 5/5!