Big dot media uses Textlocal’s bulk SMS software


Big Dot Media needed marketing that would enable them to target groups of customers with information about new products and services.


Using SMS allowed interaction between customers and the sales team.

A “push” sms message was sent to a target group of customers with information regarding specific products and services.

A “pull” short code 60777 was published on all e-marketing and direct mail material as a direct response tool for customers to opt-in to for further information on products and services.


  • Increase in sales enquiries immediately after a promotional text
  • Increased revenue driven by sales promotions
  • Good feedback from sales team
  • Good technical support from Textlocal

An SMS service provides a really quick, easy and inexpensive way to target a customer database with tailored offers and promotions

—Big Dot Media

  • Big Dot Media – tailored offers and promotions