Our Big Day on Film uses SMS to increase bookings


Our Big Day on Film is an events-based videography business specialising in high-end cinematic wedding films.


The goal was to improve the overall conversion rate, turning prospective clients into confirmed bookings. After receiving enquiries through the website, Our Big Day on Film needed to effectively communicate with prospective clients to provide quotations, booking confirmations, links to the client’s online login and have an open channel for general enquiries.

The existing process relied on an initial phone call, then using a custom-built quotation and booking system, a tailor-made package is created with a link sent via email, which often went straight to junk folders. They were also unsure if the messages had been delivered so needed a definitive way of confirming the details had been received.

The solution

Our Big Day on Film decided to automatically send an SMS at the same time as the email. Another SMS provider was tried initially which they found hard to use as it required a manual entry process for every send.

Textlocal’s free API enabled them to integrate a range of ready-made API scripts into their own system. Now, when a new quotation is sent, the client receives an SMS with the same details and a direct link to their login page.

Our Big Day on Film are now able to access the SMS history for each customer using Textlocal’s standard delivery reporting to give them confidence that their prospective clients have received the message. Using the reporting tool, they are also able to better understand customer engagement, tracking link clicks as well as opens. Text GO to 62277 or Call 01244 752299 to find out more.

The results

  • Since using SMS, 9 out of 10 quotation requests convert to a confirmed booking
  • Bookings are now confirmed in hours, sometimes minutes. Previously this would frequently run into days
  • Significant time saving as SMS messages are sent automatically via the API
  • Positive feedback received from clients when advised an SMS would be sent confirming details

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Our Big Day On Film Case Study