Baylis Use Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


With over 360 employees and a number of branches throughout Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, Baylis is one of the largest independently managed Vauxhall groups in the UK.


Baylis were looking for a quick and sure-fire way to let their customers know when their cars were due for an MOT or service.

They were also looking to recruit more attendees to their ‘Golden Opportunity’ events held throughout the year.


Reminders and alerts

Baylis use SMS alerts on a daily basis to prompt their customers of upcoming MOT or services, as well as reminders to try and reduce the number of ‘no-shows’ that they were experiencing.

‘Golden Opportunity’ campaign

They send out a trackable short link to their event webpage via SMS to try and increase attendance.


  • Consistent stream of returning customers to complete an MOT and service
  • A reduced amount of ‘no shows’ to appointments
  • Significant number of those booking to attend events

Download Baylis Case Study

Download and find out how Baylis have reduced the amount of ‘no-shows’ they were experiencing with appointments, as well as an increase in bookings for their ‘Golden Opportunity’ events.

The use of SMS has significantly streamlined our process, and that’s all thanks to our account manager, Seb. We have gone from having to muddle through our SMS campaign marketing ourselves, to having someone who’s always willing and on hand to help.

—Matt Magee, Baylis Group

  • Baylis – reduced no shows