Bar Me Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software


Bar Me offers entertainment in the form of DJ’s, theme parties, student nights and promotional nights.

They needed to increase footfall into the club by targeting the students with drinks promotions.


SMS was introduced to target contacts from the Bar Me database with details of their theme nights as well as drinks promotion offers on particular nights.

Higher Response Rate

SMS was considered the best option as it has a higher response rate than other forms of direct marketing.

Effective Data Capture

An inbound number and keyword was also used to collect numbers from customers wanting to subscribe to the texting service.


  • Increase in footfall on theme nights, with more people dressing up
  • Increase in profits from drink promotion
  • Great feedback from customers

The Textlocal service is low cost, easy to use and achieves results.

—Mark Slowe, Bar Me

  • Bar Me – Easy to use and achieves results