Approach Asset Finance uses Textlocal Messenger to generate significant cost savings


Approach Asset Finance is an independent commercial finance broker with various commercial finance products including, Hire Purchase, Leasing & Invoice Finance.


In an effort to reduce company costs, Approach Asset Finance made the decision to replace individual office mobiles with a new in-house phone system. Whilst the new system was being set up, they needed an interim solution to ensure there was still direct contact to each account handler.


Textlocal’s Messenger platform was an ideal tool to open two-way communication between each employee and the account holder. The system is used to approach new customers, and chase along customer documents as well as other general enquiries the business may have.

Most customers are often too busy to answer phone calls, they are either driving trucks or out on construction sites. Sending an SMS gives customers the perfect opportunity to reply in their own time even if this is outside of office hours. Approach Asset Finance found that the response rate with SMS was much higher than they have had for phone calls, and with this success, they have introduced the new process as a permanent additional channel.


The SMS system has generated an impressive saving of 42% compared to the cost of individual mobile contracts and have also seen a significant difference in customers responding to their requests.

As customers are responding in their own time, the Messenger platform also saves a lot of back-and-forth chasing and missing calls freeing themselves up to concentrate on other work priorities.

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