Agewell Uses Textlocal’s Bulk SMS Software

Agewell is a project in the London borough of Hackney, funded by the local council and run by Age UK East London for people aged 50-64 years. They offer a wide range of activities focusing on social, healthy and digital activities.


To improve communication to users of the Agewell service and reduce time spent making phone calls, which were not as cost effective or as sending texts.


After hearing about online texting services from a colleague, Juliet opened her Textlocal account in minutes and started sending out texts to clients instead of phoning them.


Texts are sent out in seconds to interested clients reminding them of upcoming events such as exercise classes or health workshops.

Guaranteed Contact

Rather than phoning multiple people, who may or may not be available to take the call, texting ensures that they get the message – nearly everybody in this age group now has a mobile phone, and text messages appear to get a better response than telephone messages. They can be sent out nearer the time of an event or activity and jog people’s memory more effectively than a telephone call a few days before.


Since sending out text reminders, attendance at activities has markedly improved, with attendance targets now regularly exceeded.

Not only has it saved me hours of telephoning but seems to be a more effective way of communicating and is much more cost effective.


  • Agewell – More effective way of communicating