Mobile messaging for financial services

Improve your customer service with SMS

We know how important good customer service is in the finance & insurance sector, and so we’ve got a huge range of ways to help. Integrating text messaging into your customer communications makes banking for your customers more convenient. All of your customers have mobile phones, why not reach them there?

It’s that much harder to go over your overdraft when your bank makes sure to send you a warning message when you get close to the limit! In a similar vein, SMS delivered meeting requests can go some way to ensuring that customers attend important meetings, dramatically reducing the wasted time of both customers and staff.

But the bulk UK and international SMS messaging service that we operate here at Textlocal is capable of so much more than simple reminders; SMS provides possibly the most direct, easy to digest means of customer communication available, which also makes it ideal for informing customers of new services and deals, or even information pertaining to new branches opening.

If you require direct communication with customers at any stage of your financial services business’ operation, then our UK bulk SMS messaging service could hold the key to greater efficiency, and superior returns. See how below!

Balance alerts

Customer gone over their overdraft limit? Let them know with a quick message alerting them of their new balance.

Short number & keywords

Let your customers text in for quick updates on their account such as balances or upcoming direct debits.

Policy documents and statements

Attach copies of informative documents to a text message via a short link so that your customers can easily view and store them on their phones.

Reduce waste

Reduce your carbon footprint and save money on printing costs by replacing non-essential letters with convenient text messages.

Payment reminders

Does your customer have a payment due or are they running behind? A quick text can prompt action and save time on collections calls.

Easy integration

Messenger can be integrated with a huge number of database and customer management software packages, allowing automation of messages.

George Banko case study

George Banco case study

Download George Banco Case Study

Integrating with text local’s API has meant that our customers can access their balances and transfer funds to their card’s instantly using SMS 24 hours a day.  This has lead to a much better customer service experience.


  • Cardonebanking – customers can manage their finances with ease

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