Simplifying booking and management processes with SMS keywords

Making it simple for your customers to engage with your services is key for customer retention. Equally, businesses don’t have time to dedicate to setting up new systems and training other team members on new software. Enter SMS.  

Our SMS solution can be set up in moments but more than that, businesses can start communicating with customers quickly and effectively. Recent research has proven the reach of text messaging is extremely powerful with 79% of people asked stating they are very comfortable using SMS to interact with a business. 

Once businesses are up and running, SMS can be used to take and confirm bookings, and send out payment reminders and important updates. With Textlocal’s Messenger, there are several built-in tools that can help you achieve these goals.  

“We remind our customers we’re coming with Textlocal. If our customers forget we’re coming, it disrupts our business’ cash flow. Textlocal is extremely helpful in this regard and a necessity”- David, Tidy Green Clean 

Reminders and confirmations are helpful for your customers but perhaps more importantly offer a real solution to common issues within the household services industry. As Textlocal customer Tidy Green Clean shared, SMS updates help to avoid disruption to your schedule and any potential loss of income.  

Create message templates using the schedule option to ensure your sends arrive when needed and most relevant.  

Use two-way messaging or an SMS keyword on a short code to empower customers to connect with you. These tools make it easy to open up communication to receive inbound requests and allow people to move a booking. 

Share payment options and ensure your team always has the access they need to key areas all with a simple SMS reminder. Effective customer communication can have wider-reaching benefits such as increased conversions. Lawn Master, another Textlocal customer, shared how sending text messages relating to their services has also had a positive impact on conversion rates. 

“We also use SMS for payment reminders of our pay-as-you-go service, which has improved the running of our business. New potential customers also get an SMS reminder of their upcoming lawn analysis which has resulted in higher conversion rates for us.”- Matt Underhill, Lawn Master 

To get started with business text messaging, sign up for an account here. Existing customers can also connect with our customer success team to review how our solution can better serve your business. 

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Over 98% of the text messages sent from our SMS tool are opened and read. That’s unmatched communication power for your business. Try it for yourself.