Exploring SMS Integrations

Improving personalization with integrated SMS

For businesses with existing booking solutions or customer data systems, integrating SMS can simplify the management and set-up of your campaigns. An integration enables an existing system to better contextualize your text messages with merged data.

SMS campaigns can be highly personalized by simply utilizing the information held within one system. An integration removes the need for data duplication or time-consuming exports. Once our SMS solution has been connected to your system, customer details like previously used services can be included to add context and value to each send.

Adding value to customer communications

The benefits of adding personalization to your campaigns should not be underestimated. Recent research found that 67% of consumers said that relevant communications, those that recognize previous interactions and preferences are extremely important.

Although integration may sound complicated, the setup and use of one is very straightforward. We offer several integration options to best suit every business need, from Zapier plugin solutions to our fully comprehensive API. You can find out more about the integrations we support here.

Connecting through context

With your integration of choice connected, businesses can continue to manage the set-up and sending of their campaigns from a single system with the ability to add real value to the customer experience.

Preventx Limited is an integrated diagnostics company. They use the Textlocal service to inform, remind and update patients on testing progress and results by text message.

The text messages are sent via the API, making them fully automated. This means that reminder alerts are sent at the most effective time. Once test results are entered by Preventx’s laboratory, an SMS is sent immediately to the patient to let them know. The integration helps ensure accuracy and speed.

“SMS has enabled us to complete more tests, helping the NHS reduce costs and hit targets while empowering young people to take control of their sexual health.”
—Tim Alston, Preventx.

If you’d like to discuss our integration options in more detail, our in-house team of experts are available to answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can find out more about the integrations we offer here.

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