Using SMS and WhatsApp to connect with your customers

The rapid adoption of mobile devices over the last decade has created a new era for customer engagement. With more customers using smartphones and tablets to communicate with businesses, brands can now engage with them at strategic touchpoints across the marketing funnel.

With so many mobile communication channels available, it can be hard to decide which is best for your business. If you consider the reach, speed, and efficiency of all channels available, SMS and WhatsApp are clear winners for real-time customer communications.

Our solutions give businesses the access and support needed to get started and make the most of SMS and WhatsApp. We accommodate businesses who want to connect with their users across just one channel, or both. In this blog post, we will take you through the advantages of using SMS and WhatsApp, to highlight how each channel can benefit your business individually and in combination.

Advantages of SMS

Runs on mobile networks
SMS uses mobile networks rather than data packs or internet connections, making it possible for anyone to receive SMS anytime, anywhere.
SMS is universal
Inbuilt messaging on all phones (including feature phones) means users do not need to download a new app, allowing them to receive SMS.
High open and response rates
SMS boasts a high open and response rate when compared to email and other more traditional channels. SMS is therefore a highly effective communication channel for time-sensitive messages. Businesses can send critical messages like alerts and OTPs and schedule promotional SMS campaigns to make the most of this channel.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business Platform

Rich multimedia messaging capabilities
With WhatsApp Business, you can create media-rich messages containing audio files, video files, documents, images, and much more. This information can be shared to give a higher level of customer service. For example, you can use this feature to provide product demos, service catalogues, and delivery locations or send invoices and quotations.
Builds trust
WhatsApp allows businesses to build an authentic and verified business profile. This includes adding a company image/logo, description, contact information, and receiving a verified badge.
Messages are secure and encrypted
Every message you send with WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted so only you and the person you’re communicating with can read them. This ensures confidential information such as billing details, personal information, etc. remains safe and secure.

SMS vs WhatsApp: Which channel should you use?

Choosing a channel to add to your communications strategy depends solely on the goals and requirements of your business. If you want a channel that is accessible to all users and offers direct transactional and promotional messaging, then SMS may better suit your needs. If you intend to send content-rich, engaging customer communications then WhatsApp is ideal for delivering highly visual customer experiences. Essentially, the type of channel you use will depend on the context and content of your sends.

SMS and WhatsApp are complementary channels that can be used together to ensure your customers get the best experience possible. For example, at Textlocal our customers prefer to use SMS for time-sensitive messages like OTPs and notifications, and WhatsApp for customer-initiated messages and interactive promotions.

Why Textlocal?
Our unique platform delivers a seamless and smooth user experience, enabling you to create effective media-rich SMS and WhatsApp campaigns effectively. We have direct connections to multiple operators and are an official WhatsApp Business Partner, so we have everything you need to get started on either channel quickly.

To know more about these channels and how to send engaging campaigns that drive revenue and customer retention, reach out to us at

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