Reducing staff costs and improving efficiency with SMS

As the New Year starts to unfold, many recruitment agencies are busier than ever with record-high vacancies across a wide range of industries.

SMS has unrivaled potential to help manage the influx without adding to the workload of agents. We recently explored how Textlocal customer Pertemps, one of the UK’s largest recruiters, uses text messaging to support two-way communications.

How has SMS transformed outbound communication for Pertemps recruitment?

Like many agencies, Pertemps Support Services had over 1,000 contacts to reach and found channels such as post or telephone lacked speed or required additional manpower to call each person individually.

To better manage shift changes, availability, and training sessions, SMS was introduced as the primary two-way conversation channel. This also enabled them to meet specific contracts where employers need quick solutions, some as short as two hours.

Open communication was achieved using a Dedicated Inbound Number as the sender name. Using this Textlocal feature, Pertemps could contact thousands of workers in minutes with recipients able to reply instantly. Received messages would be forwarded to a designated Pertemps URL.

Using our API integration, job seeker information can now be segmented into groups making it easy to share relevant new positions through a single send to large numbers of contacts in seconds. Through the integration, messages can be better tailored and sent to the right contacts, in turn increasing the engagement rate.

The reporting feature of our SMS platform provides essential confirmation of delivered messages. Pertemps are also able to evidence that certain information has been received by relevant workers, ensuring that they meet agreed-upon contract or compliance guidelines.

SMS is making a real difference for recruitment agencies

Previously, up to 50,000 jobs a month were handled by phone, creating huge pressure on resources as well as increasing costs. For Pertemps, nearly 80% of all jobs are now booked through SMS within minutes, generating a real cost saving for the business.

Pertemps shared a recent example of the difference SMS can make during a recruitment drive. They sent 1,500 messages to HGV drivers directing them to an application form. This generated over 900 applications, all received into one manageable system. The SMS campaign delivered significantly higher response rates compared to previous telephone outreach, as well as offering a better way to manage the influx.

This is just one SMS success story across the recruitment industry, the opportunities text messaging holds to help streamline outbound communications for agencies really is boundless.

If you’d like to explore how our SMS solution can transform your candidate communications in a similar way, reach out to our team today. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free account in just a few moments below and take a tour of our SMS platform.

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