Struggling with staff shortages? SMS is here to help

Following our recent work with providers of the Restart Scheme and the prevalent news stories of staff shortages across several industries, we’re highlighting how SMS can help.

In a recent post, we shared how text messaging was being used by organisations launching the Restart Scheme, an initiative that focuses on helping those who have been out of work for the last 12 months find employment.

This work is now more relevant than ever given that job vacancies have reportedly risen above one million in a new record. For businesses with a high demand for more staff, SMS can really make a difference.

The channel can streamline the process of searching for staff, arranging interviews as well as sharing feedback and job offers. We’ve pulled together a few use cases to demonstrate exactly how text messaging can support those looking to increase staff numbers.

Inbound SMS
By using a keyword on a short number, potential candidates are able to quickly and easily register their interest in available roles. Businesses can advertise their chosen keyword through social media, online, or anywhere their brand has a presence, for example ‘text HIRE to 60777’.

Opening the lines of communication via an SMS short number allows for wider conversations. Using our SMS solution, you can apply an automated response to provide additional information on the role or advise on the next steps.

This method is a cost-effective way to increase applications, reduce the amount of admin time involved and streamline the overall process.

Real-time reminders
One of the key benefits of using text messaging to communicate with candidates and team members is its speed and direct nature. The channel requires no sign-in or download and what’s more, with our platform businesses can report on message delivery rates and click-throughs.

  • Shift availability:

    SMS is ideal for sharing shift availability and reminders to temp staff or new hires, ensuring your workforce is always well balanced.

  • Interview confirmations:

    Sending a simple confirmation of an interview appointment with the time, date, and helpful links such as location or a map can offer real peace of mind to applicants.

  • Job alerts:

    Let previous candidates know when a new position is available that might be a good fit for them.

  • Automated reminders:

    With our SMS API, businesses can integrate the platform into their systems to automate reminders or send a simple thank you message.

These are just some of the most useful examples that our existing customers have highlighted as having a real impact on their results. If filling available roles is something your business is struggling with, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration on how SMS can help.

What’s more, our SMS solution is quick to set up and low cost to run. Simply create an account, purchase the credit bundle that best suits your needs and you’re on your way to effective candidate communications without expensive or time-consuming implementation.

Ready to make a start? You can sign up for a new account here and our team of experts is always on hand to take you through some of the wider features of our platform.

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