Helping customers manage their finances with SMS

Customer service is at the core of what makes a financial provider successful, ensuring services are accessible and reliable while being able to communicate payment reminders and collection updates effectively.

Of course, we’ve made this sound incredibly simple but delivering a valuable customer experience requires efficient communication and clear structure. To support the financial industry in this challenge, our SMS solution is entirely scalable and easily integrated without time-consuming development.

We’re already working with banks and financial organisations of all sizes across the industry, including Vanquis and other household names. In this article, we’ll be sharing examples and success stories with you to highlight the opportunities of SMS for your business.

For example, George Banco, one of the leading direct lenders, uses the accessibility of SMS to manage their loan application process. Using our SMS API, George Banco is able to automate the sending of loan status updates, confirmations, activation codes among other key messages.

SMS can also streamline the management of customer communications across:

  • One-time passwords
  • Links to support and advice
  • Activation codes
  • Application completion reminders
  • Feedback surveys
  • Balance alerts
  • Reduce waste/ go green with paperless statements
  • Easy integration options

Managing finances is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds given the events of the last 18 months and SMS can offer reassurance to those looking to get on top of their savings or accounts.

Text messaging is an easy to access channel for customers who are less tech-savvy or unable to download apps on their devices. The accessibility of the channel is a clear benefit for consumers, while the reporting abilities of our solution enable businesses to report on delivery rates and wider engagement.

Our Messenger platform offers several features to facilitate this including easy to implement integrations and automated reminders or confirmations. If you’d like to discuss the wider potential of text messaging for your business and customers, our team would be happy to set up a call.

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Over 98% of the text messages sent from our SMS tool are opened and read. That’s unmatched communication power for your business. Try it for yourself.