Facilitating match day safety with SMS

Now more than ever, the issue of tackling abuse on and off the pitch is at the forefront of priorities for all clubs and UEFA.

We all saw the appalling reactions from some fans following England’s defeat at the Euro 2020 final and it has sparked wider outcries for action.

As a result, the Premier League and its clubs together with wider organisations are asking football fans to help them make a change by reporting discrimination and abuse.

Providing fans with the power to alert stadium security of incidents is a crucial aspect of targeting the issue. Research has shown that such an initiative is much needed with 62% of football fans concerned they will witness a player being targeted by racist abuse.

Real-time reporting with SMS

The real-time nature of SMS as a channel makes it the ideal option for fans to report abuse as it happens, anonymously and quickly. Several of our existing customers in the Premier League have implemented an SMS Short Code as means for fans to notify stewards of anti-social behaviour in stadiums.

Having a solution in place such as this is a requirement of UEFA, another testament to their dedication to stamping out such conduct. For clubs looking to implement a quick and easy to manage initiative, SMS ensures all fans with a mobile phone can be a part of the resolution.

To help you understand how a Short Code can support match day safety, we’ve put together this quick use case

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This is just one example of how text messaging is already contributing to the promotion of fan engagement when it comes to tackling the issue. The possibilities of SMS go far beyond marketing blasts and transactional updates. By using the channel to empower individuals to be part of the solution, clubs open far more opportunities to call out actions and implement change.

If you’d like to discuss the wider opportunities of SMS for your club communications, our team of experts are available. Alternatively, you can sign up for an SMS account and start testing our SMS solution for yourself.

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