Lesson 101: Using SMS Surveys

SMS is one of the top 6 channels used to communicate with customers.

In fact, recent research showed that text messaging is used by 60% of businesses to connect with their users.

Clearly, SMS is a channel of choice for businesses looking to create lasting engagement with their customer base. Today, we want to take you through one of the key features Textlocal’s SMS solution Messenger offers to help encourage and nurture customer engagement – Mobile Surveys.

Surveys delivered via text messaging have a much higher completion rate due to their ease of use and direct nature. A previous report found that more than 74% of people complete surveys on their phones. In addition, many of our customers have reported improved results and higher completion rates when using SMS to gather feedback and information. But how do they work?

Let’s start at the beginning, mobile forms and surveys offer convenience and reliability. Our survey builder enables businesses to collect information from customers that can be actioned, reported on and used to generate real results.

How easy is it to create an SMS survey?

Once you’ve created your Textlocal Messenger account, the step-by-step survey builder is designed to offer support and tips at each stage of creation.

You’ll be asked to name your survey, apply a start and end date if needed along with some other key settings. Once you’re happy with the basic setup of your survey, you can start adding in your feedback questions.

Messenger will pre-populate your first page with some suggested features including a title, welcome message and a next button all of which can be edited or removed as needed. You can add additional items to this page along with custom fields to help with personalisation.

Some of the data capture elements you can add to your new SMS survey include star ratings, radio boxes, images, text boxes and drop-down options. All of these features can be edited to fit your feedback requirements. You can find out more about how to set up and send your first survey in our handy how-to guide.

How can you use mobile surveys?

SMS surveys can go far beyond customer feedback. Businesses can use the structure of our survey tool to create booking forms, receive applications and enable customers to register for downloads or events.

When a survey is completed, responses are stored in your Messenger account. You’ll gain insight into individual responses, question engagement rates and statistics around the mobile devices used.

We hope this brief overview has given you an idea of the possibilities SMS surveys can offer. If you’re ready to start building and sending your own mobile surveys, you can create an account in just a few steps. Remember our team of experienced experts are also available to help get you started.

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