How SMS can help businesses get ready for the grand re-opening

Ahead of more businesses being able to open fully re-open across all industries, we wanted to share our latest Getting Back to Business guide.

The guide explores how SMS and some of Textlocal’s key Messenger features can support businesses as they prepare to fully re-open again.

In the proposed next stage of the roadmap, overnight stays, entertainment and indoor hospitality could be back on the agenda. We want to highlight how SMS can support and streamline your re-opening and future success. However you intend to welcome back your customers, simple SMS communications can have a real and lasting impact.

Why SMS?

SMS ensures you cut through the noise of social media, email and other more congested channels with direct, real-time customer communications. Text messaging enables your business to share everything from the latest opening hours and rules to offers, menus and attachments.

There are so many benefits SMS offers businesses looking to fully re-open, reliability and security as well as being accessible to all users to name just a few. What’s more, your business also has access to features like mobile vouchers, surveys and comprehensive reporting.

What can SMS do for your business?

Our SMS solution provides businesses with the ability to build and share richer content through the innovative tools available. In fact, so many of our customers took their sends to the next level over the last 18 months to continue supporting their users and customers. Here are just two recent examples of the power of SMS:

Ipsos MORI– Streamlining the delivery of COVID test results with SMS
Northmoor Community Association – Connecting with the community using SMS

Whether you’re looking to manage the volume of returning customers or promote a back to business offer, SMS can really deliver, engaging with your customers effectively and through their preferred device.

Unsure what to send or who to send to? We’ve put together these helpful tips and tricks to give you a brief insight into the potential text messaging holds.

  • Build your customer lists – Using an SMS keyword on a short number is great for building an opted-in list of customers in preparation for being fully open again. Share your chosen keyword on as many channels as possible for maximum exposure, social media, shop windows and websites.
  • Spread the word – Let your customers know that you’re firing on all cylinders with a bulk SMS send, making people aware of new opening hours, reduced menus, new price lists and of course, safety measures.
  • Start taking bookings – Manage the backlog or influx of missed appointments, bookings or sessions and the influx of new requests with text messaging.
  • Launch a new offer – Send a mobile voucher or simple discount code to your customer base to help increase footfall and as a little thank you to those who’ve supported your business in the last year.

If you want to discover more about the opportunities of SMS, you can download the latest guide. Feeling like you’re inspired and ready to start sending, you can set up a free account here.

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