Streamlining the delivery of COVID-19 test results with SMS

In the last year, many businesses have been diversifying their services, adapting to the challenges faced by all of us as the pandemic evolved

As a result, many businesses have been making more of mobile communications to support their customer base during this period.

Beyond customer communications, SMS has also proven its worth across critical alerts and notifications. The speed and direct nature of text messaging, combined with its reliable delivery, make the channel ideal for time-sensitive messages and important updates.

SMS has been transformative for many businesses who are either new to the channel or are now using text messaging in more innovative ways. We want to share a recent instance of the diversity and effectiveness of SMS.

One such example is the recent work by Textlocal’s customer Ipsos MORI. Ipsos MORI has been spearheading a major COVID-19 research project with Imperial College London.

The research aims to track the progress of infection across England, helping to improve the understanding of COVID-19 prevalence. In conjunction with postal and email outreach, Textlocal has been supporting their efforts by sharing crucial test results via SMS with those taking part in the study.

We explore the project in more detail in the recent case study which you can read more about in our library of use cases. Here, we’ll highlight some of the key results and findings.

  • Over one million volunteers have completed a COVID-19 home test and SMS has been used at each stage of the journey.

  • More than 5 million text messages have been sent out about the study including results, reminders and online survey requests.

The speed and additional reporting abilities offered by SMS ensured the outcome of testing was communicated as soon as possible.

Ipsos MORI commented that ‘SMS provides a quick and easy method to communicate with people about this important study. The dedicated team at Textlocal ensured test results and other important information about the study could be communicated quickly to participants at various stages within the study.’

We’re extremely proud to have been able to support such incredibly important research. Not only does the case study illustrate the diversity of SMS it also reinforces the accessibility of the channel.

If you’re ready to make more of your SMS campaigns, our team are on hand to help you reach your customers in real-time. Creating an account is free and only takes a moment. Most importantly, we’ll be there to support you whenever you need us to.

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