Connecting staff and students with SMS

How can SMS support students as they re-enter the classroom?

The upheaval across the education sector has been extremely difficult for both staff and students over the last 12 months. The back and forth between being able to attend classes and home-schooling has been an on-going issue. As we head into Spring, students are finally beginning to re-enter the classroom, presenting a whole new set of challenges and safety concerns.

There are some ways SMS can help to reduce the amount of admin and time spent answering more common queries for schools and colleges as students return. Whether you’re running a nursery, still hosting some of your university classes online or have welcomed students back to school, communication is essential across many aspects of the recent shifts.

To highlight the benefits of text messaging for the education industry, we called on a few of our existing customer success stories.

Ballyclare High School used our SMS solution through our C2K integration to keep parents and staff updated. Staff needed to communicate a school closure efficiently and in a short time frame. Out of over 1500 parents, only two rang in the following morning- highlighting the effectiveness of an SMS alert.

Nigel Burrows of the National Student Union (NUS) has previously shared his thoughts with us on the ability of SMS to connect with students on the go. “Text messaging is fast and convenient for both NUS and our students. We have peace of mind that the students have received their cards and students can access discounts quickly”.

These are just two examples of how text messaging can benefit schools and colleges at times when it’s most important to stay connected. To give you additional insight into how SMS can continue to reduce the strain on your staff and students, we’ve also put together a list of helpful use cases.

  1. Sharing learning resources or suggested reading and study aids

  2. Updating parents or students on the latest safety regulations

  3. Two-factor authentication for access to portals and learning platforms

  4. Reminders for deadlines or submissions

  5. Provide additional support or advice

  6. Easily integrate into existing systems

This is a brief list of the many opportunities text messaging holds to connect staff and students as full-time classroom learning begins to become the norm once again.

If you’re ready to start exploring the possibilities of SMS, get in touch with the team today. Alternatively, you can sign up for your free account and get testing.

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