How can SMS simplify One Time Passwords?

Discover how our SMS OTP solution simplifies user verification

One Time Passwords (OTP) and user verification processes are part of our everyday activities. Whether you’re logging in at work, accessing your online accounts or setting up a new transaction, OTP is part and parcel of the process now.

What is a One Time Password?

Using OTP offers another layer of protection to any system that requires a login. To put it simply, a single-use passcode or word is sent to the account holder to enable access at the point of logging in. It’s possibly something you already use but weren’t aware of or perhaps are more familiar with under the term authentication method.

Delivery of the unique code is usually made through a secure communication channel, for example, email or SMS. Utilising text messaging to send one time passwords has the added benefit of being native to every mobile device. As a channel, SMS is more accessible as it doesn’t require the additional step of logging in to your emails or downloading an app to receive the code.

The simplicity of OTP via SMS ensures the security of systems and access without the addition of complex programs or the need to remember long codes or passwords.

Using our SMS API, your business can automate the sending of the single-use password to a user via SMS for immediate and easy action. Customers or staff can then complete their journey using a single device and channel.

What are the benefits of an SMS OTP Solution?

One of the most important benefits of OTP via SMS is its security and reliability. As mentioned previously, SMS doesn’t rely on an internet connection or external app, customers and users can complete their login using a single device quickly and with ease.

In addition to this, one-time passwords become invalid once successfully used and as the name suggests are only effective for a fixed period of time. All of this combined makes SMS OTP extremely effective against spyware.

Once you’ve built OTP into your process, you can utilise the automation of SMS to dramatically improve account security without complicating the journey for your users.

Discover more about how our SMS verification solution works today. Alternatively, get in touch with the team and we’d be more than happy to take you through things in more detail.

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