Supporting contact-free service in hotels with SMS

As many businesses are finally able to open their doors once again, customer service is undergoing a transformation…

Contact-free service is becoming the norm for every industry including hospitality businesses and hotels. Given that businesses with the ability to offer overnight escapes are finally beginning to take reservations once again, we wanted to explore how SMS can support those within this sector.

SMS offers a simple yet highly effective solution to delivering customer service safely. Text messaging technology is present on all phones so customers don’t have to download any specific apps or rely on data or Wi-Fi to be involved in the conversation.

Using the insights gained from our existing customers, we’ve put together a step by step SMS use case to highlight examples of how text messaging can improve contact-free service for your guests.

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In addition to the above use case example, our Messenger solution supports businesses in:

Take bookings

Customers can request booking availability using an SMS keyword. For example, text RESERVE to 60777 to check dates. An auto-response is then triggered with a link to your availability calendar with advice on next steps.

On-site safety

Before your guests arrive, share or re-enforce the safety measures now in place along with other key information they might need during their stay.

Register guest arrival

Keeping track of all guests will be an essential part of ensuring the safety of both your staff and your visitors. Simply ask each customer to text CHECKIN to another short number to collect contact information. This process makes it far easier should you need to communicate with everyone staying with you between particular dates.

Share menus and available facilities

As you do start to welcome guests again, whether that’s new customers or regular returners, it’s important to share which facilities are available for use. Ensure all visitors are aware of changes to the use of outdoor sports amenities, guest bathrooms and even in-house restaurants.

Ready to get started?

SMS is a cost-effective solution, one that enables hotels to offer contactless guest services without compromise or the need to invest in expensive applications. To support all hotels and related hospitality businesses in getting back to business, Textlocal have also put together a package with a one-off cost of £9.99. This gives you a dedicated virtual mobile number and 200 text credits, so you can have everything in place for the fourth of July when your customers return. Sign up today or give the team a call on 01244 752299 and we’ll get you up and running in minutes and get your £9.99 package added to your account.

We’re confident you’ll get everything you need from a Textlocal Messenger account to get up and running safely.

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Over 98% of the text messages sent from our SMS tool are opened and read. That’s unmatched communication power for your business. Try it for yourself.