Using SMS to keep the drinks flowing

After a very challenging three months for pubs and bars, the long-awaited green light has finally been given.

While pubs are eager to get back to business, punters are itching to get back to the beer gardens during the summer months. Many chains and independents are no doubt looking at how they can do this safely and successfully, so how can landlords adopt the necessary technologies without a huge investment? In steps SMS.

Using our customer insight we’ve put together a step-by-step SMS use case for contact-free service.

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Available technology

A Textlocal Messenger account comes with the key features to enable two-way communication via a channel that’s already present on your customer’s mobile devices – the simple text message. Without the need to download any apps or rely on a WiFi connection, the journey is instantly seamless for customers to place bookings and orders from a safe distance. By using a virtual mobile number, orders can be placed via text message and will route back to the computer or device behind the bar, with no need for a handset.

Simply make sure that each table has a menu and the phone number to text to place their orders, including their table number and name. There are no hidden costs for the end user, the text message will simply come out of their free or standard rate network text bundle.

Keeping costs down

While apps tend to have high set up fees and rely on user adoption, there are no set up costs to getting a text messaging system up and running. Textlocal have a package available to all bars and pubs with a one-off cost of £9.99. This gives you a dedicated virtual mobile number and 200 text credits, so you can have everything in place for the fourth of July when your customers return.

An SMS approach also enables you to benefit from existing processes you already have in place, so instead of routing your payments through an app, you can still take orders at a distance and use your existing POS card system.

Recording who visits

The Government have outlined that pubs and bars must develop a way to track who visits the premises in case of an outbreak and customers have to be contacted. For years, we’ve offered a keyword and short number to small businesses so they can request customers opt-in to their SMS mailing lists. More than ever, this is now a crucial tool for pubs and bars. By simply asking customers to text something like PUB to 60777 when they arrive, you can reassure them that they’ll be notified of any health concerns should they arise.

Promote repeat business

Not only does this method provide a safe way for customers to place orders, a confirmed opt-in number gives the opportunity to share your upcoming offers and menus with them after they’ve left your bar. Keep in contact with your new and old customers to make sure the rest of Summer 2020 is a successful and safe one!

Getting started

Interested? Sign up today or give the team a call on 01244 752299 and we’ll get you up and running in minutes and get your £9.99 package added to your account. We’re confident you’ll get everything you need from a Textlocal Messenger account to get up and running safely.

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Over 98% of the text messages sent from our SMS tool are opened and read. That’s unmatched communication power for your business. Try it for yourself.