Delivering for the mobile-first shopper with multichannel messaging

Retail is undeniably one of the fastest moving industries, striving to keep pace with consumer needs and expectations.

Throughout last year, many businesses- ourselves included, focused on improving the customer experience. The reason is simple, the experience a retailer offers is one of the defining factors across conversions, retention and ultimately revenue.

What is it that customers are looking for from their chosen retailers?

Driven by mobile technology, it’s never been easier for consumers to browse and purchase everything they need from practically anywhere. Voice assistants, smartwatches and of course mobile phones with single tap purchases, have given way to a culture of convenience and speed. In short, the way we shop is becoming far easier with faster results.

Ensuring your online or instore journey delivers a personal, not just personalised experience alongside real-time results can be easily achieved through data-driven mobile messaging.

Customers are looking for personal recommendations and communications that go beyond knowing when their birthday is. Purchase history-based suggestions, earned rewards and relevant offers all help to build a value-led journey, one that encourages loyalty and repeat purchases.

Utilising the reach and potential of mobile channels such as RCS, SMS and WhatsApp, retailers can create a seamless experience across all touchpoints.


Share contextual promotional content with RCS, making the most of interactive options and image carousels. Using this messaging channel, customers can have two-way conversations, browse and complete purchases, all without leaving the conversation.

As the next generation of native mobile messaging becomes standard for all users, businesses and their customers will benefit hugely. RCS combines the security and reliability of SMS with the more conversational and media-rich features of instant messaging platforms.

For example- include visual of a retail-specific journey. Will the video loader issue impact the look of this within the blog?


The popularity of WhatsApp is undeniable with over 1.6 billion monthly users. In 2019, retailers of all sizes could start supporting their customers across the consumer channel of choice with order updates, account alerts and delivery tracking details.

Sharing transactional messages through the conversational nature of WhatsApp opens the door for two-way communication, offering your customers real-time answers and support. Users are able to track order progress and request changes all through a single channel.

Add in another example of a WhatsApp journey- this time focused on the delivery of an order.


A staple of business to customer communications, SMS is a trusted and time-tested way to share both promotional and transactional messaging. Until the evolution of SMS into RCS is complete, the channel remains one of the most popular ways for consumers to stay up to date with their order progress, account alerts and travel details.

Add in another example of and SMS journey- one that looks account alerts.

These are just some of the plethora of channels your customers seek out and use to help guide them through a purchase journey. The platforms we’ve highlighted, along with Facebook Messenger, Live Chat and social media messaging all contribute to creating a truly customer-centric experience.

When it comes to being available to your customers when they need you most, digital messaging is key. The two-way conversational nature and real-time support offered by these channels mirrors the convenience and speed of everyday mobile interactions.

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities of wider mobile messaging for your business, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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