Take promotional marketing to the next level with RCS

RCS streamlines online experience and elevates the potential of traditional customer communications even further

The new channel combines the security and reliability of SMS with the more conversational nature and rich media options of instant messaging channels.

The main reason for the early success of RCS, despite its infancy, is that it delivers the type of unified digital experience customers expect. This new messaging hybrid engages with more customers, generating additional customer activity and retention through a single channel.

Utilising the potential of interactive digital messaging

Businesses of all sizes are beginning to realise the potential of RCS across both transactional and promotional marketing. As a channel, it holds vast opportunities for brands hoping to share the latest products and discounts in an effort to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

RCS brings sales and new lines to life, with more visual showcase options including image carousels and high-quality media. Fast action buttons and real-time responses, both automated and agent led, all raise the value-added to the customer experience tenfold.

Users can also complete purchases within the channel, removing additional steps and the need to navigate away from the conversation. In short, RCS can itself become a new revenue source for brands as well as improving the user experience.

The real results of RCS

Of course, as with every new digital channel, there will be a period of establishing standing with customers. Roll-out has already begun with many devices already RCS enabled and the early results are incredibly positive.

In fact, one of our customers Pizza Hut recently launched a single rich card-based marketing campaign. Overall RCS results demonstrated a 7% increase on click-through rate, 19% increase in conversions and 11% more revenue than the SMS version of the same message.

Other examples offer similar insight into the potential of the channel. Together with IMImobile, Vodafone launched a bank holiday offer across RCS last year. Throughout the campaign, RCS showed a clear advantage over SMS. For example, 80% of customers read the message and 25% responded to the offer. In comparison, SMS and MMS scored a response rate of around 1%.

Finding long term marketing success with RCS

It’s clear that RCS messaging benefits both businesses and their customers, improving engagement rates and customer satisfaction all at once. As the channel becomes more widely used, taking the place of SMS as the only native messaging channel across all mobile devices, the abundance of opportunities will continue to grow.

If you’d like to stay ahead of the curve and start building lasting customer relationships through RCS marketing, get in touch with the team today.

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