Connecting with the mobile-first gambler through real-time conversations

The experience of online gambling has evolved dramatically in just the last few years alone…

Almost nationwide use of smartphones has given way to the ‘always on’ mindset. Consumers expect to have access to services and entertainment with less than a few taps of the screen.

As a result, being where your customers are have never been more important for gambling operators. The ongoing evolution of the customer journey has also quite rightly led to a shift in the way operators communicate with their customers.

The majority of online gamblers are mobile-first, choosing the convenience and speed of their smartphone to play, place a bet and check their progress. In fact, 55% of Brtish online gamblers have used a mobile device to do so.

This raises a crucial question if your customers are mobile-first, why isn’t your business utilising mobile messaging to further support their preferred journey?

Many operators have already started implementing mobile communications into their marketing and service messaging and are reaping the rewards. For those still unsure of the benefits or concerned about the additional strain on resources, we’ve made things simple.

Using digital channels such as SMS, RCS or In-app and Push notifications, businesses can deliver a streamlined online experience. One that offers convenience and real-time results to their customers. Equally, operators benefit from higher engagement, increased retention and better conversion rates.

Here are a few of the key use case examples of digital messaging across the mobile gambling industry:

1. In-play and real-time promotions:

Deliver the latest odds and offers instantly, all through channels such as push-notifications and RCS. Most importantly, these real-time digital channels offer a seamless transition for customers from alert to action.

Trackable or embedded links make it easy and fast for consumers to engage with your content. This more efficient customer experience enhances the online journey, encouraging retention and revenue.

2. Two-factor authentication (2FA):

Gambling operators can get customers up and running quickly with 2FA delivered through secure yet more instant mobile channels like SMS. Utilise the reliability and end-to-end encryption of SMS to streamline the experience as well as ensuring compliance through a single device.

3. Customer acquisition:

Digital channels offer great scope to capture new customers. New visitors to your app or site can easily opt-in to their chosen channels, helping to increase engagement with your communications both transactional and promotional. Encouraging interaction through digital messaging also opens the door for customer-initiated conversations.

4. Automated exclusion lists:

Operators can also utilise automated exclusion lists, to better support existing customers who have chosen to take a break from their account or opt-out of communications. Ensure you’re communicating with customers that want to hear from you with clear opted-in databases and opt-outs that will automatically filter across your sends.

5. Easy access to support and advice:

Giving your customers access to advice through digital messaging ensures support is convenient and easily accessible through their preferred device. Using mobile-first channels also enables consumers to engage with support anonymously, removing the pressure that can surround this first step.

6. Deliver end-to-end customer-initiated communication:

With social media messaging and real-time response channels, it’s never been easier for customers to connect with businesses like yours. Mobile gamblers can raise issues directly across these more convenient platforms for a streamlined customer journey. Automated responses and bot technology can also be actioned across several channels to help with the management of these conversations.

This handful of examples only serves to highlight the role of real-time conversation across the experience of mobile-first gamblers. Digital messaging is able to seamlessly deliver the levels of personalisation, speed and convenience consumers expect.

If your business is interested in discovering more about mobile messaging for the gambling industry, visit our dedicated resource here.

Our team of specialists will also be at ICE 2020 in February. We’ll be on the stand to share the latest innovations across multichannel messaging at the biggest event of the gambling industry. Visit us at stand N7 200 to meet the team and discover more.

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