What’s driving digital transformation in the gambling industry?

No industry has been left unchanged from the latest wave of digital evolution and the gambling sector is no exception to this rule.

Last year brought with it numerous changes across the customer experience and a focus on more connected online journeys regardless of device or channel. With more customers able to place bets, play games and check odds in real-time from their devices, gambling operators are realising the variety of opportunities these changes offer.

Right message, right person, right time…

Players are engaging with more platforms and channels in their everyday interactions with businesses. To support this increase in activity, gambling operators are utilising the reach and real-time nature of mobile messaging to better serve their customers.

Mobile messaging and the path to digital transformation

Retention and customer satisfaction are the lifeblood of any gambling site or store. Keeping your players happy is key to gaining repeat visitors and in turn, revenue. Mobile channels are able to streamline the type of experience your players enjoy, making communications an integral aspect of digital transformation.

In fact, mobile messaging has numerous benefits and applications for both gamblers and their chosen brands. Using channels such as SMS, RCS and social platforms, operators can deliver a frictionless gambling experience from activating an account through to payment and beyond.

Additionally, these mobile-first channels also offer a more cost-effective way to handle common queries and encourage self-service where applicable. Adding simple automation to your communication strategies makes managing this type of inbound volume even more achievable. Automated-responses and templated messages, for example, make it easy for internal resources to direct users to key information.

Creating customer-focused experiences with mobile messaging

Building a communications strategy through multichannel messaging ensures your sends are adaptive, to both the player and their preferences. Utilising the real-time nature of mobile channels and platforms, operators create connected experiences that deliver value to the user journey.

Each channel, of course, has its own applications but at the core of mobile messaging is its ability to connect players with the resources they need, when they need them. Whether that’s the latest odds, technical support or even advice.

For example, In-app and Push notifications make it easy for operators to notify players of their progress or the latest offer. Increase engagement with promotions and loyalty programs through targeted RCS messaging. Or remove the pain points of two-factor authentication with SMS. Mobile messaging makes it easy to deliver for both your customers and your brand.

It’s clear that the use cases of mobile messaging are incredibly varied across the gambling industry. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of using additional channels, get in touch with the team today. Alternatively, you’ll find our tribe of experts at this year’s ICE event and you can find us at stand N7 200.

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