Optimising the online shopping experience with multichannel messaging

What is the future of customer communications for retailers?

The experience of online retail is being undeniably shaped by digital communications. The reason? Digital messaging delivers the journey mobile-first consumers expect.

Using channels such as SMS, WhatsApp and RCS, retailers can offer personalisation, contextualised offers and crucially, have real-time conversations with their customers when it matters most.

These messaging channels have evolved beyond communication. They can now be used to create smarter customer journeys leading retailers towards the holy grail of connected experiences.

When used effectively, RCS and WhatsApp enable customers to complete their entire journey within the messaging platform itself. Quick action buttons, carousels and easy payment options all work towards streamlining the customer experience from browsing through to purchase and beyond.

Delivering digital customer experiences

The fact is consumer expectations are evolving faster than ever and more so across the retail industry than anywhere else. In fact, 68% of customers now expect connected experiences.

84% of consumers say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products. This figure has already increased by 4% year-on-year. Clearly, the focus on the quality of experience is only set to increase.

In short, digitally savvy customers have more power to wield across a comparison of service, price and product and you better believe they’re using it. Being where your customers are is the key to differentiating your business within a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Where are your customers?

One of the most trusted and secure customer communication channels. SMS enables retailers to share both promotional and marketing messages to their opted-in contacts.

Rich Communication Services (RCS):
The next evolution of digital messaging, RCS combines the interactive features of social platforms with the best attributes of SMS. Share engaging messages that streamline the customer journey from browsing through to purchase and delivery.

WhatsApp Business API:
Utilising the power of the most popular instant messaging channel, businesses can now reach and be more available to their customers. Share delivery times, account alerts, order confirmations and have two-way customer service conversations.

It’s clear to see why these mobile messaging channels are so popular with consumers. For both online and in-store retail, digital communication is able to drive engagement with your brand. In fact, multichannel marketing campaigns within the sector have a 166% higher engagement than single-channel campaigns.

Whether your business is looking to increase footfall or website visitors, mobile messaging can effortlessly achieve this. Utilise promotional communications featuring trackable links or quick in-message actions to drive traffic in real-time.

In much the same way, multichannel campaigns can help with order tracking, showcasing the latest products and manage the returns or delivery process from end to end.

The applications for these channels really are endless, helping retailers unite the online and in-store customer experiences. If you’d like more information on how your business could benefit from using additional channels, get in touch with one of the team today.

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