Getting real results with RCS messaging

Promising business results from the next generation of digital messaging

You’ve been hearing for months now that RCS is the next generation of digital messaging. In this blog post, we’ll explore what exactly it is that sets this channel apart.

RCS is an amalgamation of the most popular features of several communication platforms. The channel combines the real-time nature and interactive aspects of instant messaging with the direct and native abilities of SMS.

One of our customers, Pizza Hut, has already been testing the abilities and reception of RCS with some already promising results. In fact, in their latest test, RCS matched SMS in almost every result across a like-for-like audience. Even it’s infancy RCS can stand alongside one of the most established and trusted digital messaging channels. This is a real testament to the experience the channel offers.

This is undeniably the most attractive thing about the channel, its ability to create a truly seamless customer journey. Businesses don’t need to send their customers to other web pages, forms or sources. Everything from planning to purchase can be done within the message itself.

Given the focus on customer experience across all industries, the role of effective digital messaging can not be underestimated.

Getting real results with RCS

Some of the biggest brands in the UK are already making headway with the channel and are gaining real traction through the more interactive features available.

With the help of our parent company IMImobile, Vodafone launched their Spring Bank Holiday offer using RCS and the results speak for themselves. The campaign was also launched across SMS and MMS for comparison. Of those who received the RCS version, a massive 80% of customers read the message with 25% responding to the offer. SMS and MMS scored a response rate of around 1%.

It’s clear that businesses stand to gain more engagement through RCS with customers attracted to richer media, image carousels and fast action buttons. Customers are also able to add appointments and purchased tickets to their connect apps such as calendars and wallets.

What are the use cases for RCS?

  • Account registration and management:
    Easily confirm accounts with two-factor authentication, send alerts and notifications.
  • Promotional messaging:
    Take sharing the latest offers to the next level with easy to use in-message action buttons, store finder abilities and instant purchasing options.
  • Customer retention:
    Increase engagement with rewards schemes and capitalise on upsell opportunities.
  • Encouraging self-service:
    Provide access to FAQs and utilise automated responses to also help with the management of inbound volumes.
  • Purchase updates:
    Send or trigger dispatched notifications and delivery tracking information, ensuring customers are always up to date on progress.

In reality, the opportunities of RCS are as broad and versatile as SMS with the additional benefits of more engaging media. The convenience and rich features of the channel have already begun to transform customer communications.

If you’d like to learn more about RCS and our early adopter program availability, get in touch with the team today. For more information on the features and abilities of RCS, you can also download our latest guide.

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