What is SMS in 2019?

SMS is an extremely versatile tool, one that has evolved significantly over the last decade.

Gone are the days of a simple text message, businesses are now able to deliver videos, attachments and links directly to their customers. Streamlining the customer journey with direct mobile messaging effortlessly encourages engagement and conversions.

SMS offers an easy response mechanism, one that enables seamless two-way conversations. In short, the channel combines convenience with speed, providing customers with the answers they need quickly. It’s this blended experience that modern, mobile-first consumers now expect and actively seek out from their chosen suppliers.

What are the benefits of using SMS for customer communications?

For our customers, SMS in today’s world is a cost-effect and simple way to meet the demands of m-commerce. Text messaging delivers real results with an open rate of 98% compared to email’s average of just 20%, the channel has a far better reach and impact than other traditional methods.

In addition, SMS is universally accessible. The usability of the channel spans across all devices and abilities to ensure complete inclusion. With an unrivalled reach, so many businesses are already reaping the rewards text messaging has to offer. In fact, in a recent case study Supersede Media shared how they generated over 100 phone calls and a total revenue exceeding £22,000 from a single SMS campaign.

Whether your business is sending promotional or transaction-based messaging, it is also one of only a handful of channels that can support both across all industries. Without the noise of other communications, business-based text messaging has gained a sense of trust and reliability amongst consumers. Our research has shown that nearly 70% of those asked want to receive delivery notifications via SMS, and an additional 60% would like to receive discounts from businesses through the same channel.

What is the next step for SMS?

The future of SMS has also never looked more promising, with the introduction of RCS as the next evolution of the messaging channel. RCS combines all the best assets of direct messaging with some of the more engaging features of social platforms and app-based communications.

SMS is a staple of the past, present and future of customer communications. Regardless of what format the channel takes, native digital messaging is an essential part of the online journey.

If you’d like to explore just some of the ways SMS can transform your customer relationships, download our Why SMS guide.

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