Black Friday: Your Comprehensive CX and Multichannel Marketing Guide

Eager purchasers, record sales and an increased average spend, Black Friday should be a marketer’s dream, but let’s explore how you can ensure your marketing policy can work most efficiently for CX and ROI.

Multichannel messaging is imperative to getting the best results from a marketing campaign. Using a variety of channels allows communications to be methodical, relevant and, arguably most importantly, personal.

The average person is expected to spend £315 on Black Friday sales shopping in the UK this year – that’s a 5% increase from last year’s £300 per person, and should encourage retailers around the country to set their sights on strong methodology. The percentage of Q1 online shopping spend increased in 2019 to 18.9% from 17.3% in 2018, and it’s predicted that the amount of offline-only shoppers will remain as low as last year’s 12% on Black Friday.

You want the marketing structure to work to the best of its ability as we enter the busiest shopping period of the year.

Six Issues? Six Solutions

Order Updates and Package Tracking

Customers ordering online always want to know when their parcel is to arrive – especially during this period – without human interaction (sorry traditionalists, welcome to modern day reality). The ability to send a simple link using SMS or WhatsApp encourages self-service, reduces strain on customer service teams and adds a personal element.

Streamlining Customer Service Queries

Redirecting high volumes of customer service queries through real-time support can help reduce the number of calls and help streamline responses. Using Facebook Messenger or other social media platforms’ direct messaging services can help to offer a real-time resolution to a customer’s question.

Low Stock

As a customer, there’s nothing worse than reaching a product you’ve spent ages looking for only for it to say the dreaded ‘Sorry, out of stock’. As a retailer, there is nothing worse than missing out on the opportunity to remarket to these customers once the product is back in stock. Triggering an SMS or Push Notification alerts customers to new arrivals, featuring links to the specific product, should make the customer experience smoother and increase basketed items.

Reduce Footfall but Keep People Coming

Click and Collect shopping provides your customers with the ease of online shopping and helps to add the personal element of seeing a real face when they come to pick up their item in store. These kinds of services are incredibly helpful through RCS digital channels thanks to integrated calendars and applications.

Lack of Awareness

Opt-in marketing gives customers the opportunity to become a member of marketing lists to hear about seasonal discounts and allowing retailers to make sure their marketing targets the right kind of consumer. Including an opt-in button during the customer journey allows a customer to opt into marketing lists smoothly. They will then be able to receive regular personalised
marketing via the channel of your choice (email or SMS).

Better Remarketing Rates to Combat High Abandonment Rates…

Abandoned basket rates can hit 79% during these busy shopping periods so your remarketing must be incredibly well structured to help get those people back. Digital channels such as SMS, Push Notifications, In-App Messaging and Social Media Marketing encourage customers to revisit their baskets efficiently via personalised product links.

Three Steps to Improving Customer Experience in a Mobile-First World

1. 300 million people use WhatsApp every day

WhatsApp’s Business API acts as a perfect platform to centralise all communications like customer service questions or generic queries such as opening times or directions. With nothing to download and no software to integrate the platform can be easily managed by the appropriate agents.

2. One in three consumers are willing to leave a brand they love

A customer expects speed and convenience in all of their brand interactions, that is why multichannel management is imperative. Interactions via social media, WhatsApp, email, Website Live Chat should appear seamless and convenient for all parties.

3. 58% of consumers use their smartphones to shop

That is a 66% increase from 2018. That means you cannot afford to exclude mobile marketing. Convenience is one of the most important things for any shopper and it should be for any retailer. Automation is a brilliant way of ensuring just that, you can seamlessly automate responses across a range of interactive platforms to encourage self-service options for any kind of customer.

Black Friday marketing can be daunting, there is an inevitable cloud of pressure telling you that you have to succeed. Streamlining communications, focusing on a mobile-first strategy and improving remarketing during this busy shopping period should encourage customer involvement, subsequently boosting conversions and enhancing your ROI.

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