Top five ways multichannel can improve customer experience

In the age of the consumer, customer experience is one of, if not the most important aspect of customer service in 2019.

Delivering a customer-centric experience across the consumer channels of choice can have a dramatic impact on retention and revenue. A multichannel customer experience appeals to the modern consumer need for convenience and speed. Using digital communications, businesses give consumers easy access to support through their preferred messaging channels.

Still unsure how multichannel messaging can transform your customer experience? I’ve pulled together just five ways using multiple channels can create a seamless and more engaging customer experience.

1. Real-time responses and resolution

Managing real-time resolution through digital messaging is more effective and helps to reduce costs. Customers receive instant answers they need through two-way conversations. These seamless interactions drive customers to the next stage of the journey. Those with more complex questions are equally reassured by the one-to-one, interactive conversation.

2. Single customer view

Recognising your customer as an individual not only benefits your retention rates but also drastically improves customer experience satisfaction. One of the easiest ways to achieve a single customer view is by using one system to manage and send your communications. Once integrated, multichannel messaging can be driven by previous purchase information and key details. Using integrated messaging offers a better understanding of intent, in turn supporting highly personalised content.

3. Entirely aligned and seamless journeys

Templated responses, automation and fully branded communications all contribute to ensuring your customers enjoy an entirely cohesive journey, regardless of channel or device. Delivering an aligned, seamless experience is a crucial part of increasing retention. 94% of consumers claim to be frustrated by disjointed experiences. Many also stated that their journey differed depending on the channel.

4. Multiple two-way customer conversations

Better management of customer volumes means higher customer satisfaction. There is no call waiting for delays or unanswered emails. Customers benefit from convenient access to support, all instantly available through their chosen channels. Using a single system, such as our live chat solution, to manage and send messages also empowers customer service agents to handle several digital conversations at one time.

5. Service common queries with automation and AI

Utilising automatic welcome messages and templated out of hours responses help to set customer expectations, particularly during busier periods. In addition to this, digital automation reduces costs and improves efficiencies. More common queries can be dealt with prior to an agent’s involvement, freeing up time to handle more complex questions.

These are just some of the ways multichannel can really improve the customer experience your business offers. In essence, digital service delivery across multiple channels streamlines the online journey, drives efficiencies and improves customer loyalty.

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