Delivering a truly interactive customer experience with RCS

There can be no doubt that the way we communicate continues to evolve, impacting how businesses connect and support their customers every day.

In short, consumers expect the same level of instant answers and convenience they enjoy from previously private messaging channels within their service-based interactions.

In order to meet this increasing demand for digital service delivery, network operators are working to diversify the channels available for business use. WhatsApp’s recent enterprise solution launch and the introduction of Apple Business Chat are just two examples of how this evolution of business to customer communication is taking shape.

What is RCS?

Building on the foundation of SMS, RCS is the next evolution of digital messaging. As a channel RCS combines the native and direct nature of its predecessor with content-rich and highly interactive features.

The abilities of RCS go beyond driving engagement through interactive buttons and image carousels. Users can also make purchases from within the conversation, meaning the message itself can become a revenue-generating channel.

How can RCS transform digital messaging?

With these recently introduced channels paving the way, the future of customer communications is far more appealing. Businesses are able to utilise the power and reach of mobile-driven channels to meet the real-time, personalised expectations of modern consumers.

RCS is set to become one of the biggest assets of the multichannel communications set, elevating the messaging power of SMS to create a truly interactive experience that is native to all mobile phones.

The game-changing aspect of RCS is that it enables users to take advantage of richer features. Customers benefit from the same rich media they use in online or app-based messaging platforms without the need to log in or set up a profile.

RCS will become the only universal messaging channel across both personal and business messages that offers group chats, file sharing and additional media that is entirely native to mobile phones.

How does RCS improve customer experience?

It’s clear that the launch of RCS will meet a growing need, helping to further streamline the online journey of modern consumers. In fact, the industry estimates that over 70% of smartphone users will be RCS enabled by 2023. For businesses already using channels such as SMS and instant messaging, RCS combines the power and reach of both into a single message

A number of our customers are already making the most of all that RCS has to offer in terms of increasing customer engagement and improving revenue. If you would like to discover more about the potential of RCS and explore the features available, download our latest guide here

RCS Early Access Program

The Early Access Program gives selected messaging partners the opportunity to collaborate with Google and to learn and build with RCS ahead of the rest of the market. Only a handful of organisations have been accepted on to this program and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this exciting technology!

We’re working with our mobile network providers to bring RCS to life and we’re running RCS campaigns with selected clients. For Textlocal customers, this means they can be a crucial part of this new, exciting technology and be among the first to use RCS to reach their customers. If you’d like to discuss joining the RCS early access program please get in touch here.

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