3 ways IMIchat by Textlocal can streamline customer service outreach

Helping your business conquer the climb to customer service success with multichannel messaging

For contact centres and customer service teams, managing inbound volumes can seem like a never-ending up-hill trek. Fear not fellow mountaineers, as an intrepid and well- versed customer services representative, I have the solution. Whether you’re a team of two or contact centre of hundreds, our IMIchat solution entirely transforms the way inbound enquiries are managed. 

Here are just a few ways IMIchat can help your contact centre reach the summit of customer service success:

1. Centralise communications into a single platform

IMIchat is a web-based solution, once users are logged in they are able to access the queue of messages across all channels in a single view. Queries can then be directed to the most appropriate agent and responded to in real-time for speedy resolution. 

There is nothing to download and no software to integrate, meaning there are no unnecessary delays in getting set up and running. IMIchat users can also set up autoresponder messages for out of hours advice and to encourage self-service for more common queries such as opening times or location details. 

2. Provide customers with the flexibility to reach your business through their preferred channels

It’s impossible to deny that consumers now actively seek to connect with businesses through their preferred social and instant messaging channels. Your customers now expect the same levels of speed and convenience they enjoy in their private conversations across all communications. Quite simply, if a business is unable to deliver on this demand one in three consumers are willing to leave a brand they love.

Providing customers with the flexibility to choose how and where they connect with your business meets this need seamlessly. Our solution removes the complexities of offering multichannel messaging, ensuring your customers have access to convenient support without putting additional strain on existing resources.

3. Increase efficiencies and use resources more effectively

Customer services are able to manage and respond to messages within the platform, sharing support through Facebook Messenger, Email, Live Chat and SMS. Providing your customers with access to more convenient and instantly accessible channels drives engagement while IMIchat helps your team deliver the real-time experience expected by modern consumers.

Staff are able to manage multiple conversations, increasing efficiencies across the team. Similarly, the use of digital service-delivery and encouraging customers to use self-service options where appropriate helps to reduce resource costs. 

If you’d like to explore our IMIchat solution in more detail, you can access our latest brochure here. Alternatively, arrange a call with one of our experts today and start the climb!

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