Discovering the simplicity of multichannel with IMIchat

Delivering multichannel customer service

Social and instant messaging channels have given businesses a new opportunity, providing customers with the same levels of convenience and speed they enjoy in their private conversations. The challenge most businesses face is how best to manage the integrations and maintenance required to deliver multichannel communications. Enter IMIchat.

IMIchat is a web-based solution that enables businesses to have conversations across multiple channels in one place. The system collates all inbound inquiries from multiple digital channels into a single, easy to use interface, enabling customer service agents to handle several customer conversations at once.

What is IMIchat?

In essence, IMIchat removes the complexities of service-delivery across your customers’ preferred channels. Our solution requires no software downloads, so businesses can immediately start communicating with their customers in real-time across channels including Facebook Messenger, SMS, Web/Live Chat, In-app Chat, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp and email. Agents are able to respond and hold conversations through the customer’s channel of choice for a more streamlined and cohesive online journey.

With a little configuration from our in-house team of experts or your configuration specialists, agents can also benefit from templated messages and canned responses. Integration with bots can help automate common queries such as opening times, stock levels, or nearest branch, freeing up staff to deal with more complex or time-sensitive queries.

Removing the complexities of multichannel

IMIchat is specifically designed to support multichannel communications across Facebook Messenger, Live Chat, SMS, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Twitter DMs and Email, some of the most popular consumer channels. IMIchat also offers social listening capability to track and respond to public Facebook posts and Tweets from customers, and shift conversations from public posts to private messaging.

Given that customer satisfaction has been rated 23 times higher in companies with multichannel strategies, it’s crucial that businesses are able to support their customers through these channels. Our solution makes it simple for your customers to reach you and get support they need through their chosen messaging platforms, without creating additional strain for internal teams.

The system is entirely scalable enabling you to start with a few channels and add more based on your requirements as and when needed, supporting the needs of your individual business. IMIchat is able to seamlessly deliver the customer experience that is now expected by the smart, mobile-first consumer.

  • Real-time customer support
  • Simultaneous chats
  • Detailed reporting
  • Auto responders (Out-of-office)
  • Channel and sector specific templates (canned responses)
  • Intelligent conversation routing
  • Silent monitoring for supervisors
  • Barge-in for supervisors
  • Tags and Flags
  • Case outcomes
  • Collaboration with supervisors and other agents

If you’d like to learn more about the features and opportunities of IMIchat, our latest product guide can be found here. Alternatively, you can arrange a call with one of our service specialists using this form. 

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