‘I’ve got a text!’ message reactions, as told by Love Island

It’s the hottest show of the summer: Love Island. For those that didn’t switch to ITV2 every night at 9pm, the unprecedentedly popular show has been drawing in an incredible 3.7 million viewers, and features beach-body singles looking for love and fame in equal measure.

What’s been hard not to notice is the islanders’ reactions to their smartphones – every time the sound of the message notification rings, it’s closely followed by exclamations of ‘I’ve got a text!’ These text messages could mean anything – a date invitation, new islanders are joining, a challenge is coming up, a prize has been won, or someone’s about to be dumped.

The Islanders are typical Millennials – phones near at hand no matter what situation, drawn to the hit of instant information.

We’ve put together the high and low reactions to receiving text messages, as told by Islanders old and new…

When your crush actually texts you when they said they would.

When you’re waiting for your crush to text you, but it’s your Mum asking if you want to go out for tea.

When you get a voucher from your favourite store.

When your doctors message to remind you about your appointment you totally forgot about.

When the delivery driver says they couldn’t find your house, and they’ll try again tomorrow.

But then the delivery driver says that your parcel’s been delivered, even though you weren’t expecting it until the end of the week.

When the takeaway lets you know that your orders on its way.

How do we know that the Islanders typify the Millennial market? Well, our latest research found that 25-34 year olds are driving the change in making smartphones an acceptable part of everyday life – as an age group, they were the most likely to feel comfortable using their phone in any situation. If it’s acceptable to use your phone during family time, in the office, at the cinema, then smartphones are inherently ingrained into your everyday life – and the ideal medium to focus your business communications through.

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