Exploring the opportunities of an SMS integration with Voucherify

More and more businesses are choosing to introduce mobile messaging strategies to engage with the 85% of UK adults who own a smartphone.

Of course, integrating new channels into your existing marketing mix can be complex and time-consuming, but it really doesn’t have to be. In fact, a recent customer of Textlocal integrated and tested the API offering in just 15 minutes.

Using our fully supported SMS API gateway, businesses can integrate and start sending SMS in no time at all. One such business, Voucherify recently integrated Textlocal’s SMS Platform with their existing channels.

Voucherify’s system together with Textlocal takes the burden from the developer’s shoulders by offering an elastic and developer-friendly platform to generate, distribute and track personalised coupons, promo codes and digital gift cards all via an SMS text message, giving full control of campaigns to a marketing team.

SMS, the channel of choice

Together with Voucherify, we wanted to delve into some of the reasons they chose to integrate with Textlocal’s API solution and enhance their customer offering.

SMS remains the second most popular smartphone activity with 92.2% of UK adults using the channel to engage with personal, and brand based messages. As a result, Textlocal offers a variety of integrations, including the SMS API integration, helping businesses like Voucherify to make the most of their client’s promotions through SMS.

Seamless SMS integration options

The API features enable businesses to seamlessly manage their SMS marketing more effectively from one system. Users can send and receive SMS messages, add or delete contact groups, create short URLs, and retrieve balances all without the need to login to the online platform.

The SMS gateway also assists with personalisation, which is key to ensuring your promotional messages stand out from the noise of other marketing communications. Given that a successful customer acquisition campaign has a variety of parameters such as discount, value and messaging, it is key for businesses to ensure they’re using the right channel at the right time.

Using your existing customer data is vital to executing the level of personalisation that consumers have come to expect. In fact, 52% of customers will switch brands if they feel communication isn’t personalised to their needs, and previous experiences. This is why an effective integration is so pivotal. The software that runs your promotions needs to be flexible enough to integrate with your CRM and e-commerce tools.

Creating fully integrated communication strategies not only helps to streamline the online customer journey, it also simplifies the marketing project itself. Additional and highly personalised SMS can then be automated from within your existing CRM or marketing platform. Similarly, in circumstances like Voucherify, the addition of SMS was not only easy, it also helped support their customers to deliver digital coupons and gift cards in real-time.

Interested in other SMS integrations we have on offer? Please refer to our live chat integration and our receive SMS online API if you’d like to discover more about our API solutions.


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